About/Contact - Kevin Huang

I began taking photographs entering high school, captivated by a photograph’s ability to capture passing fragments of life as an abstract form. My further experiences with Escaype, a community of elite outdoor photographers, and as the head photography editor of the yearbook shaped my desire to fully immerse myself in this realm of art. Currently a design student at San Jose State University, I aspire to become a versatile artist with a broad set of skills - able to work in a variety of creative fields as I continue to develop my artistic vision.

I am passionate about a wide array of photography forms, including landscapes, fine art, documentary, and portraiture. Regardless of the subject, I am able to execute my creative vision and fulfill objectives through my proficiency and expertise behind a camera. My unique vibrant and colorful style, influenced by my landscape background, is a hallmark of my work.

Through my experiences, I have achieved a better understanding of the science behind light and locale - using that knowledge to take my work to the next level. While my portfolio is expansive in subject matter, a constant in my work is going beyond simply a pretty picture with a wide range of controlled tones. I identify the essence of the subject and depict them in their element, whether it be the confidence a graduating student has entering the workforce, the feeling of isolation in a grand landscape, or the love for the outdoors a family shares.

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